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Survival mindset !

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

We could have sit and watch as our operations get shut down. But we are still a small unit so we can adapt. People are selling food homemade in their modest condo's kitchen and us, a team of F&B professionals will just sit and watch? No way.

So we got together the chefs and we are uniting forces.

From now on chefs from Wine Fusion, Akimitsu and Cherchim will be working all together in one kitchen to create the first Premium One Stop Shop for Delivery in Rama III area.

This sounded really good on paper. Still does from a customer POV to be honest.

But that was hell to create a kitchen accommodating Thai, Italian and Japanese food.

Different machines, different fires, different gas and electrical needs, a shitload of ingredients (Thanks to our suppliers for keeping the line of credit open). And even when they share the same ingredients, different cuts and marinades.

In all this mish-mash we've been trying to market our offer and find some engagements we can honor. The diversity of the cuisine made it hard but our chefs have the heart in the right place so i am not worried about the quality of the food nor that they will make it as healthy as possible.

What we do:

Clean Food designed for Nutrition กินดีอยู่ดี

✅ No Palm Oil ✅ Daily Fresh ✅ Preserved Vitamins ✅ High Nutrition

One more challenge

As so many of our colleagues we will venture into delivery.

And if you ever tried it once, you will understand why it should be considered a proper job.

This is tough but we have a great team and we will work it out.

We are proud to offer : Free delivery In Yan Nawa and Rama III area. from 190 baht order.

And our drivers get paid a salary + commissions.

This is no small feat for me. I want our people to make a decent living.

Hell I want everybody to make a decent living. Feel free to call me an idealist.

All the best,


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